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  • Download and install the pvSetup extension, for this to work you must have papervision 1.5 install.
  • Open or restart Flash and choose pvSetup from the Window > Other Panels menu

This panel is to quickly set up your papervision movie. First, click the collada button. This will set up your stage for your papervision movie. You will see a new button to copy script, click this button. Paste the script in the action layer. Now, name the collada component scene3d. Then open the PV3D 1.5 Panel, setup the path to the directory and Collada Flie. Test the movie and your good to go, you first papervision movie in 3 clicks. This is made to work with papervision 1.5, but will work with 2.0 as well.

Flash CS3 quickly set up your PV3D

This is free to any one who needs it, and feel free to put it on you site, and give it to friends.



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