Flash Cadabra

Morris Allen West

Flash Cadabra

Flash Cadabra one of the many homes of Indianapolis Indiana artist M. Allen West II .

This website only contains a very small amount of my art work. 

Free / Open art tools

Photoshop Top Secret The unofficial book.

Blender 3D AMAZING Sculpting Brushes Pack

New 3D art made with Blender 3D 

3D Car

Basic 3D House

Treasure Chest

The Hall

Traffic Barricades

Art made on my Cell Phone

 Pixel Art

Big Smile

DS Wheels of Indy a rim repair website I made 

DS Wheels of Indy

Old Flash Work !!!

Flash Games

Colorado architecture company work M. Allen West

There is a place where there are so many voices it sounds like 1,000's of bees , everything looks like it's made out of colored needles as bright lights, and some words travel on plucked strings . My eyes are open , and I drank in this wisdom . If you get lost you can find me there listen.
The golden threads of truth
By Morris Allen West 2019